Classic Guilin Rice Noodles is a Chinese restaurant chain project operated by Transon Investment Group Inc in Bay area. In 2013, first Classic Guilin Rice Noodles restaurant opened in Oakland, CA. In 2015, second Classic Guilin Rice Noodles restaurant opened in Cupertino. Both of two restaurants are given high recommend by both Chinese people and American with its special flavor and classical history.


As the most successful restaurant chain mode in China, Guilin rice noodle is distributed throughout the country. It is easy to find thousands of Guilin rice noodle restaurant from the first-tier cities, medium-tier cities to the small alley one the country road. With the rich experience about the Chinese marketing, the founder of Classic Guilin Rice Noodles believed that Northern California market have vast potential for future development and business opportunities. The success of Classic Guilin rice noodles restaurant in Oakland, Cupertino and Milpitas make us believed the business opportunities in other city of Bay area will achieve success.